Ben Petrillo

Computer Science Student at Northeastern University

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I'm Ben, a current second-year student at Northeastern University based out of Boston, Massachussetts pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a concentration in software. I'm a passionate developer with 4 years of experience in Java, Python, and TypeScript. I have a robust understanding of data structures, algorithms, and object-oriented design and wish to use these skills to innovate.

Programming Languages:

Java TypeScript/JavaScript Python HTML CSS PHP Racket/Lisp

Tools, Frameworks, & Libraries:

Bootstrap Node.js React Express.js NPM NGINX/Apache Mongoose/MongoDB Git/GitHub Vue.js/Vuepress MySQL/SQLite SSH SFTP Postman Discord.js/ JDA Tailwind Ubuntu Kali Linux Jetbrains IDEs

Relevant Coursework:

CS3700: Networks & Distributed Systems | CS3650: Computer Systems
CS3500: Object-Oriented Design | CS3000: Algorithms & Data Structures
CS2810: Mathematics of Data Models | CS2800: Logic & Computation
CS2510: Fundamentals of Computer Science II | CS2500: Fundamentals of Computer Science I


Please email me for a copy of my resume.