Hi! I'm Ben.

I'm an 18-year-old student & developer with experience in numerous technologies.

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About Me

Hey there! My name's Ben. I'm currently a senior in high school with plans to double-major in Computer Science and Mathematics in college. I also enjoy spending time with friends. During the school year, I'm quite busy and have less time for development. I work on both the frontend and the backend, developing websites, web applications, and more. I have approximately three years of experience in fullstack development, with most experience in Java, PHP, JavaScript, and TypeScript.

Interested in learning more about me as a person but also as a developer, and how my work and skills have evolved over the years? Make sure to check out my timeline my clicking here.

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I have experience with various programming languages.

HTML Java TypeScript PHP JavaScript CSS Python

Libraries & Tools

In order to successfully & efficiently create applications and other projects, I use a wide range of frontend and backend technologies.

Bootstrap PocketMine-MP Node.js Vue.js Discord.js NPM JDA Docker C# Apache NGINX Express Git Vuepress Discord.py Angular.js MySQL MongoDB SqLite & SqLite3 QuickMongo PhpStorm SSH SFTP WinSCP Wordpress GitHub Commando Spigot Ubuntu Cloudflare Normalize.css CentOS Bukkit Visual Studio Code IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate PyCharm Webstorm

My Repositories

Git & GitHub: This is where all of my code lives. The majority of my projects are private-sourced, and the code is not visible to the public. However, as of more recently, I have been trying to open-source more of my projects such as Discord bots and web applications, as well as Minecraft plugins, to hopefully serve as education tools for beginners but to also help other programmers learn.


Resume: I'm happy to supply copies of my resume if you're interested in my work. If you'd like to request a copy of my resume, you can do so by emailing me: [email protected].

Discord: Join my official Discord server here!

My timeline: I'm delighted that you want to learn more about me as a person outside the development world. I've spent a lot of my time putting together a massive timeline of my life since age 13 ─ as it relates to development, my personal life, hobbies, projects, achievements, & more. If you're interested in checking this out, you can do so by clicking here.

Want to learn more about me?

Don't hesitate to check out my timeline and my development team, Ponjo.