Hi! I'm Ben.

I'm an high school student & developer.

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I'm Ben, a current senior in high school located in Massachusetts. I will be studying Computer Science, Cybersecurity, & Mathematics at Northeastern University as a member of the class of 2026. I have a strong passion for learning, being creative, and spending time with friends. I've been programming for about three years on both the frontend and backend with most experience in Java, PHP, and TypeScript. I have experience developing websites, web applications, and other open-source projects.

I have experience in the following programming languages, from most to least:

TypeScript JavaScript Java Python HTML CSS PHP GDScript

Libraries & Tools

All of my code lives on GitHub (@Eerie6560). While some of my projects are open source, others are closed source and not available to the public.

In order to successfully & efficiently develop my projects, I use a wide range of libraries and technologies, ranging from Bootstrap and Maven to other resources such as Node.js and Jetbrains integrated development environments.

Bootstrap PocketMine-MP Node.js Vue.js Discord.js NPM JDA Docker C# Apache NGINX Express Git Vuepress Discord.py Angular.js MySQL MongoDB SqLite & SqLite3 QuickMongo PhpStorm SSH Postman JDA SFTP WinSCP Wordpress GitHub Commando Spigot GoDot Engine Ubuntu Cloudflare Normalize.css CentOS Bukkit ZorinOS Visual Studio Code IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate PyCharm Webstorm

Contact & Résumé

If you'd like to request a copy of my resume, send me an email.

Facts and Figures

Approximately 46%

of my projects are available to the public.

Over 3 years

of self-taught development experience.

Over thirty-two

projects worked on.

A total of nine

advanced placement courses taken in high school.

Involved in thirteen

clubs & extracurriculars during high school.

Granted eight

scholarships & awards.

One of the 6.7%

of applicants admitted to Northeastern University's class of 2026.

Over sixty-five

volunteer/service hours.